Best Of Learning Solutions Webinar 2023

Set The Stage: Make eLearning Related And Genuine With Eventualities

On this session, you will discover ways to create related and genuine situations to boost your eLearning and enhance efficiency. First, you will study suggestions for creating characters that learners can establish with and acknowledge from their office. Subsequent, you will see completely different methods to “set the scene” and create an genuine context for the state of affairs by means of each language and media. You may learn the way crafting lifelike challenges and conflicts helps interact learners and drive the state of affairs ahead.

Be a part of us on January 18 at 10 AM PT for the Better of Studying Options Webinar sequence, Set the Stage: Make eLearning Related and Genuine with Eventualities.

On this session, you’ll study:

  • Easy methods to create related and genuine situations in eLearning
  • Ideas for creating lifelike characters that learners establish with
  • Strategies to “set the scene” and supply genuine context in situations
  • Easy methods to craft lifelike conflicts and challenges
  • Why situations assist eLearning really feel instantly related to learners
  • Ideas for bringing dry content material to life
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