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Croatia vs. Morocco, Germany vs. Japan, Spain vs. Costa Rica, Belgium vs. Canada

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Groups E and F will start on Wednesday, with Spain, Germany and Belgium playing the first matches of the tournament. Spain and Germany are big favorites Who can spoil Japan or Costa Rica in their first match? Meanwhile, Belgium will face Canada in Canada’s first World Cup game since 1986.

Morocco vs Croatia

Wednesday 5:00 a.m. ET, FS1

Will Croatia’s 2018 World Cup odds rise? Croatia, who reached the final four years ago, are still led by the immortal Luka Modrić. However, this team is inferior to those who made it to the final match of the tournament, and Morocco cannot be ignored. This is a team that can easily break through the group stage. The tie may be on the right side.

Germany vs Japan

Wednesday at 8:00 a.m. ET, FS1

Germany are on the right side here, but don’t underestimate the Japanese team, who ended up in an unfortunate draw. Japan will be the team pegged to break out of many other groups. Excited to see. If you have any questions about Germany, it’s on the backline. Can Japan use it?

Spain vs Costa Rica

Wednesday 11am ET Fox

This is a match played primarily in the Costa Rica half, and it’s safe to say that Spain has 75% possession. The Costa Rican team is content to keep all 11 outfielders behind the ball and hit counters and set plays whenever possible. Less than 2.5 goals at +115 feels worth it.

Belgium v ​​Canada

Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. ET Fox

Belgium will miss Romelu Lukaku from the start of the tournament. But the side still has a lot of midfield and attacking talent, and Belgium have the best player of the tournament in Kevin De Bruyne. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Canada got results here, but we’re picking our favourites.

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