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Fantasy Football Rankings Week 12: Sleepers, starts, sits | Latavius Murray, Demarcus Robinson and more

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What’s included in the Week 12 Fantasy Football Rankings? Thanksgiving side dishes. Well, here are our top 10 worst Thanksgiving side dishes, but since we’re debating whether or not cranberry sauce is food, let’s take a look at the Week 12 sleepers and the final buy-and-sell of the NFL season.

*** Oh! Also, by using Fantasy Nation (via Football Diehards), you may have found a solution to your leaderboard widget problem. All three scores work and can be edited by me (unlike before). Widgets let you scroll without two fingers on Android (browser)! Yay! ***

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2022 Week 12 Fantasy Football Sleepers

🚨Caution🚨 These are sleepers. They will never copy my ranking 100%. This is upside and often comes with more risk.


Possible start: Geno Smith, SEA — Russell Wilson’s poor Week 11 performance marks the first time a quarterback has failed to throw a touchdown or reach 16.7 points against the Raiders. In fact, Wilson scored 26.4 in his first matchup against the Raiders, and Davis Mills and Andy Dalton against him, where he scored two touchdowns. Smith has scored at least two touchdowns in all but two of his games, four of which are his straight headers to Seahawks’ byes.

run back

Probably started: Latavius ​​Murray, DEN — As mentioned in the waiver, this backfield is now pretty much all Murray’s, and while the offense still can’t get out of its own way, it’s worth Berkau’s work. But the Panthers were responsible for Joe Mixon’s insane Week 9, so this matchup helps. Allowed. Score 12 or more.

Hale Merry Start: Raheem Mostert, MIA — What do these running back scores look like: 10.0, 11.3, 11.8, 15.3, 22.5, 35.0, 35.3? These seven guys were in their last five games with the Texans…just five! So while Jeff Wilson is currently leading the Dolphins, Raheem Mostert has enough advantage to hit his double digits in the same game as Dontrell Hilliard and Kenneth Gainwell did. there is.

wide receiver

Possible Starts: Drake London, ATL — With Kyle Pitts finishing the year, Marcus Mariota will have to rely on London for 50% of his time. The problem is that it still equates to an average of 11 targets per week. Despite this, the commander is playing better, but still in Week 12 he is providing a 10th favorable wideout his matchup. Brandin Cooks was 6-3-70-0 last week. If you are thin on the receiver.

Probably started: Allen Robinson, LAR — Assuming the quarterback is John Walford, Robinson is making volume plays for the Cooks/London team. I’m playing the best match of the week that there is. As risky a play as it was in London, Josh Palmer and Keenan Allen played big games last week, Christian Kirk played similarly in Week 10 and Zay Jones 10-8-10 in the same game. We scored 68-0.

Hail Merry Start: DeMarcus Robinson, BAL — As mentioned by Wavers, maybe Robinson is the answer to Ravens receivers? A Jaguars matchup could be the answer to Lamar Jackson’s woes? waived seven double-digit wideout scores, including Pittman and Paris Campbell (same match), Darius Slayton, Jerry Jeudy, and the teammate duo of Marquez Valdez Scantling and Kadarius Tony In Robinson’s two games of 8 and 9 targets, he’s gone 64-for-6 (9.4 points) and 128-for-9 (17.3 points) respectively, so expect Jackson to throw a little more his way. I’m here.

tight end

Hale Merry Start: Foster Morrow, LV — If no one has already told the Seahawks to start tight end, let’s fix that. Give it to tight ends, giving him the second-most receiving yards and five touchdowns. With Darren Waller and Hunter Renfrow gone from the lineup, TE1 will be on the upside if Morrow can repeat his Week 10 performance (his 3-43-1 seems pretty easy this week).

Have fun with the rankings!
Top 10 Worst Thanksgiving Side Dishes

It’s Food Week again…of course, it’s here with Thanksgiving. And now that I’ve already ranked the best of Thanksgiving, it’s time for the worst!

  1. ambrosia salad — I don’t know what the hell-exiled unicorn fairies thought, but this fruit is nightmare fuel.
  2. salad, salad – Salad? Are you trying to eat healthy on Thanksgiving or want to waste time on salads?
  3. Ready-made vegetable tray — The laziest side dish — aka the lame friend who spent 5 minutes and money to bring in a “Party Contribution”…While they gobble up all the good stuff, they don’t even eat it — and you have this.
  4. soup — Why are we wasting time on pre-meal items like salads? no one is sick. Keep water foods away from Thanksgiving!
  5. coleslaw —I love coleslaw, but I have nothing to do with or associate with Thanksgiving.
  6. Creamy spinach —Is this a dip? It’s not a side dish, that’s for sure. It’s like when my dog ​​ate a piece of a green toy and threw it up.
  7. cranberry sauce — which would be the most hated, as I know a lot of people who absolutely love this red jello-like chunk of “fruit.”

  8. corn – Corn on the cob? of course. But it’s the grill/cookout side. Pieces of corn, or worse… puddings… awful.
  9. sweet potato casserole —Add one more kind of mashed potato, but the texture is nauseating, and put marshmallows on top? Note: I like sliced ​​sweet potatoes with syrup/brown sugar glaze (but no marshmallows). I assume it’s technically a candied yam?
  10. green bean casserole — How can you make green beans worse? Put soup in them! Do creamy — often mushroom — soups and crunchy onions make them better?

buying and selling

With trade deadlines looming this week, I thought I’d list the best and worst SOS of the playoffs (only)


  • Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, SF – First place
  • Aaron Rodgers, QB, GB — 8th place
  • Alvin Kamara, RB, NO — 2nd place
  • Isaiah Pacheco, RB, KC – 4th
  • Jonathan Taylor, RB, IND — 6th place
  • George Pickens, WR, PIT – 3rd place
  • Allen Lazard, WR, GB – 4th
  • DJ Moore, WR, CAR — 5th place: If you leave Mayfield
  • Greg Dulcich, TE, DEN – 4th


  • Trevor Lawrence, QB, JAX — 32nd place
  • Joe Burrow, QB, CIN — 30 ​​days
  • Josh Jacobs, RB, LV — 32nd place
  • Nick Chubb, RB, CLE — 29th
  • Jeff Wilson, RB, MIA – 27th
  • Christian Kirk, WR, JAX — 32nd place
  • Allen Robinson, WR, LAR — 30 ​​days
  • Tee Higgins, WR, CIN — 29th

Week 12 Fantasy Football Projection

🚨 heads up 🚨 These may differ from my rankings. Rank is the order in which I start players Outside of the added context, such as “I want the best upside even at risk”.Also based on QB, 6-point rest, and 4-point TD with half-PPR

Projection download link

***these are No Updated Sunday morning, FYI***

Week 12 Fantasy Football Rankings

🚨 heads up 🚨

  • By using Fantasy Nation (via Football Diehards), you may have found a solution to your leaderboard widget problem. All three scores work and can be edited by me (unlike before). Widgets let you scroll without two fingers on Android (browser)! Yay!
  • Keep checking back to lock in the lineup, as it’s updated regularly.

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