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Garland’s double standard: A special counsel for Trump but not Hunter and Joe Biden

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From the moment he took office as Attorney General, Merrick Garland set out to turn the Department of Justice into a zealous political institution. Without a conscience, he has weaponized his immense power to protect President Biden while punishing his opponents. Garland’s appointment of a special counsel to take over the Justice Department’s investigation of Donald Trump provides further evidence.

U.S. government regulations stipulate that a special counsel be appointed whenever a conflict of interest exists or appears to exist. Garland cited Trump’s announcement that he would run for president again in 2024, and Biden’s stated intent to do the same. .

Yet the Attorney General continues to ignore an even bigger conflict of interest as he presides over the FBI and U.S. Attorney investigation into Hunter Biden, whose father, the president, is directly involved.

How convenient and dishonest. It stands up to the undeniable double standard stench.

Attorney General Garland appointed a special counsel on Jan. 1 to investigate Mr. Trump over the Marlago Dossier. 6

The investigation did not progress during the Biden presidency and no charges were filed. More than a dozen of his FBI whistleblowers have come forward to expose the political bias that deeply affected the virtually closed investigation.

The evidence contained in the notorious laptop alone constitutes a compelling case of influential peddling, fraud, bribery, tax evasion, and violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Foreign Agent Registration Act. Tens of millions of dollars flowed into Joe Biden’s bank accounts from foreign interest groups and governments that apparently paid billions for promises of access and influence. Entities in China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Romania, and several other countries poured money into Biden’s coffers, with Hunter’s father as the expected beneficiary. It is said that Russia paid him $40 million, China about $30 million, and Ukraine about $11 million.

A ton of documents and devastating statements from one of Hunter’s key business partners accuse President Biden of complicity in his son’s lucrative schemes. Claiming that Joe knew nothing about the nefarious deal and never spoke to Hunter about it is absurd. So are visitor records showing Elder Biden repeatedly seeing his son’s partner during the Obama administration. One of them marked his 19th visit to the White House.

It is the definition of a conflict of interest for the Attorney General to oversee a criminal investigation of his boss and his son. Americans have little reason to believe that Garland would disassociate himself from his prosecution decisions, as he has a personal motive to cover up wrongdoing and obstruct criminal liability: his own work. We have a guarantee. It’s no coincidence that the announcement of Garland’s special counsel, which includes Trump, came just a day after Republicans in the House vowed to start hearings on illegal money-making businesses.

In January, the newly-created House Oversight Committee ordered the Financial Services Agency to produce more than 150 Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) proving millions of dollars in overseas cash transferred to Biden-related accounts. U.S. banks have flagged a staggering number of these transactions and notified the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Division. But Joe Biden reversed a long-standing policy by refusing to voluntarily turn documents over to members of Congress. Will they enforce these subpoenas as vigorously? He’s been running a protective racket for the Bidens and shows no signs of stopping. changed.

Trump Elevates Battle of Mar-a-Lago Raid to Supreme Court

There is reason to doubt that Smith will be the impartial special counsel that federal rules require. So we’ve seen this act before. Smith’s promise to expedite the proceedings suggests he may turn to many of Garland’s existing prosecutors, who have proven neither neutral nor impartial. His previous employment raises legitimate questions about his objectivity in politically charged cases. Mueller Lieutenant Andrew Weisman supported Smith’s appointment.

During a raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion to recover the documents, Garland said the National Archives over documents governed exclusively by provisions of the Presidential Records Act, a civil law that does not include criminal remedies. criminalized disputes with. The appropriate means, therefore, was for Garland to file a petition with the court to compel execution of his subpoena for documents, whether or not classified and/or privileged. Instead, he chose to ignore the letter of the law and descended on Trump’s house with his FBI agent Phalanx, armed, under the guise of a largely irrelevant criminal code. He tricked a magistrate into signing an overly broad general search warrant, which is strictly prohibited by the Fourth Amendment. The non-probable personal items were seized along with the documents in dispute.

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In court filings, Trump’s legal team cited a dispute over records Bill Clinton had when he left office in 2012. No one raided the Clinton home. The matter was contested in civil court. A federal district judge in New York has ruled that custody of the records is entirely in the hands of the former president. District Judge Amy Berman-Jackson said, “The National Archives does not have the authority to designate material as ‘presidential records.'” I have no right, no obligation, no means to control them. The court concluded that the responsibility for classifying records as personal or president rests solely with the former president.

In her ruling, the judge adopted the very argument made in court by the DOJ that Clinton was entitled to keep whatever he wanted. I am challenging the interpretation of the law. why? Because it’s Trump, not Clinton. Garland’s flagrant abuse of power is partisan politics at its worst. It has tainted the Attorney General’s term from the beginning.

The same goes for Garland’s decision to direct a new special counsel to investigate whether Trump “unlawfully obstructed the transfer of power” after the 2020 election or in Electoral College votes. also applies. Despite the best efforts of the 6th January Commission, no credible evidence has emerged that Trump committed any crime. In fact, the Commission has not filed criminal charges. We have to remember that the Democrats employed exactly the same tactics to contest the electoral college in the 2016 presidential election, in which Trump was the winner.


Garland’s pursuit of Trump is about politics, not national security. The latter is just a convenient pretext. The real intention is to hit Trump with the bludgeon of an investigation and the threat of prosecution. At the same time, Garland turns a blind eye to the mountain of evidence that Joe and Hunter Biden sold out America and bloated their family’s bank accounts by endangering national security in the process.

Merrick Garland presides over the Corruption Division, which manipulates the law for political gain. That’s the sound of retaliation for Republicans’ refusal of a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. At least Americans can appreciate that.

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