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Garland’s special counsel appointment has Trump 2024 in mind but it’s not what you think

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Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel to investigate former President Donald Trump. Don’t be fooled. The act was not meant to remove Trump from the battlefield, but rather to lead him to victory and help him become the Republican Party 2024 nominee. These days, the Democrats who overturned the Republican primary by pushing a candidate they thought would lose the general election are just that kind of villain.

President Trump achieved an all-time approval rating of 49%, as measured by Gallup, in the week the Senate convened to impeach him in 2020. Rise in popularity.

Attorney General Merrick Garland and former President Donald Trump
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how is that? Mainly because Trump is a genius at playing the victim card. He thundered into a rage and convincingly denounced his persecutors. His words were twisted and misrepresented in appalling ways, all his deeds ignored and slandered. Trump has never been given the unbiased treatment.

Attorney General Garland appointed a special counsel on Jan. 1 to investigate Mr. Trump over the Marlago Dossier. 6

The Jan. 6 House hearings, if conducted in a fair manner, could have tempered enthusiasm for the right-wing Mr. Trump. Almost all Republicans were horrified by the attack on the Capitol. But it wasn’t. Nancy Pelosi’s hand-picked “selection committee” held a political show trial without Trump giving any representation. There was absolutely no opportunity to present or question the accusers.

In appointing a special counsel, Garland exposed his desire for revenge against the former president—an empty promise—and yielded to angry Democrats seeking revenge for undermining policy. But while he’s allegedly holding Trump accountable, he’ll also improve his odds of winning the Republican primary.

So many Republicans will denounce Garland’s decision as a political strike aimed at preventing Trump from ever becoming president again. I would endorse him despite many warning signs that he is not the best candidate.

Meanwhile, the Special Counsel’s investigation proceeds amid a whirlwind of leaks and rumors constantly reminding independent voters of Trump’s wrongdoings. It should curb any nostalgia for the pre-inflation days when it wasn’t.The point is not to elect Donald Trump; Democrats want him nominated.

Garland’s Double Standard — Trump’s Special Counsel, Not Hunter and Joe Biden

Garland’s pretense that the special counsel’s deep infiltration into the Trump world is apolitical and cut off from the convincing Joe Biden White House is of course nonsense. reports to Joe Biden.

That ostensible appointment is outrage given that former President Trump has just declared he will run for president in 2024, and mentally ill Joe Biden has said he intends to run against him. , nor has much new material been collected about the January 6 riots.

The whole escapade stinks like heaven, even for those of us who think President Trump shouldn’t be the party’s nominee. As intended, it almost makes us sympathize with Donald, who was unfairly targeted, spied on, and accused of gross misdeeds by the likes of Adam Schiff. -for-TV scam.

Or, by people like the former FBI deputy director, Trump may have hidden stolen nuclear secrets in Mar-a-Lago, presumably for the purpose of selling them to the highest bidder, telling MSNBC it’s hard to believe. Told. Only after the midterm elections did the Washington Post admit that the former president was, in fact, most likely collecting memorabilia.

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Think about it: Who really wants former President Donald Trump to run for office in 2024? Only about 35% of Americans, and perhaps 40% to 50% of Republicans, according to polls. %, almost 100% of Democrats. Democratic candidates and party leaders see Donald as a gift that keeps on giving.

After all, Trump’s batting average is currently at 250 and declining rapidly, despite his surprising victory in 2016. Most teams are not keen on signing him for next season.

Democrats think they helped Trump win two elections in which Republicans favored and one in which history predicted their own success.

In the 2018 midterm elections, Republicans conceded 41 seats in the House and lost the popular vote by the widest margin ever. Democrats scored these victories despite his nearly 3% economic growth in real terms (faster than any year during Barack Obama’s presidency), less than 4% unemployment and less than 3% inflation. I was. In all fairness to Trump, incumbents usually lose seats in Congress, but the midterm elections during his presidency were a statement.

In 2020, he lost the Oval Office. This is what only ten of his incumbents have done in our entire history. He lost to a candidate who spent most of the campaign hiding in his basement, allowing Trump to effectively defeat himself.

In 2022, history was made again as Trump’s nominee performed so poorly in many major races. Led by a highly unpopular president, with Americans suffering from his 40 years of high inflation, the Republicans won only a small victory in the House, leaving the Senate in the hands of the Democrats. I did.


It’s not a record to be proud of, nor is it one that would encourage Republicans to nominate Trump as their 2024 presidential candidate. If they do, it’s likely out of frustration with law enforcement’s participation in liberal and social media. The media, academia, and Hollywood are trying to unite over a president they consider him twice voted and wronged.

That’s the plan.

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