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God of War Ragnarok Has a Side Quest That Is a Beautiful Tribute to a Developer Who Passed Away

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God of War Ragnarok side quest spoilers ahead!

God of War Ragnarok has a side quest that is a beautiful tribute to Jake Snipes, gameplay programmer at Santa Monica Studio, who passed away in 2020.

The sidequest in question was called Across the Realms, and its importance was shared on Twitter. Sam Handrick Senior Gameplay Programmer at Santa Monica Studios, who was also a partner at Snipes.

“God of War: Ragnarok has something that is most special to me,” Handrick wrote. I wanted to wait a while to talk about it, but just in case, I want to share it now.It’s the ballad of Jari and Somul.”

Those traveling through the world of God of War Ragnarok may have noticed the first sign of side quests with green hearts painted on rocks throughout the realm. Their origins and quests began with an idea of ​​Handrick and Snipes formed many years ago. .

The two said, “We want to leave our symbol in Ragnarok. Some signs in this game are why we first met and the first game we made together. He once suggested simply the heart, this world we made with our initials in Norse runes.”

Sadly, Snipes passed away in 2020. When Handrick was able to get back to work, he wanted to create the god of war, Ragnarok. [Snipes] He also wanted to ensure that Snipes’ memory would live on forever in the game.

Snipes asked Eric Williams, director of God of War, if Jake’s memorial could be included in the game.

“I told Eric and the team about Jake’s suggestion to have our initials carved into the heart.”And he and the team are back with that and something even more special. The story of two men who find each other and simply find a place to belong in each other.

“I wanted this story to be something a lot of queer people know about: traveling to a world that doesn’t always understand you and finding places that really feel like home. And sometimes the place is just a person…and something as simple as a recipe…can be that link back home.”

During the quest, you will come across a ‘burning’ rainbow campfire. This is the part of Jake’s memory that will live on forever.

“This fire will never burn out,” Handrick said. “On the coldest days and the nights I don’t want to live in. In this world @SonySantaMonica has created forever, I will stand with the story of a man who found something that can’t be named. Carry it now.”

A quest for the curious travels the realm to find four ingredients to create a comfort meal that permanently increases all stats by 5. “Delicious creative cuisine that warms the body and soul.”

For more on God of War Ragnarok, read our review of how the puzzle-filled level design is a gift from the gods, and what some of the team said three months before the long-awaited sequel was released. Please be sure to check Damn, I’m bad at games.”

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