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Ohio State hockey player sent home amid racial slur allegations from Michigan State’s Jagger Joshua

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Ohio State hockey player Kamil Sadlocha is home and “will not be doing any practices or games at this time,” athletic director Gene Smith said Tuesday. Michigan State Jaguar Joshua was suspended after an Ohio State player said he “repeatedly made racist remarks” at a game earlier this month. I was.

Joshua, who is black, said in a social media statement on Tuesday, “One of the authorities heard the slander and gave the player a game cheating penalty.” No further official action has been taken by the council or the State of Ohio.”

Sadlocha was issued game cheating in a contest.

Later Tuesday, Smith released a statement regarding the suspension.

“My sincerest apologies to Jagger Joshua. On behalf of the State of Ohio, I am truly sorry,” he wrote. I spoke with Michigan Athletic Director Alan Haller and I’m grateful that Jaguar is getting the support he needs.”

Shortly after Joshua’s statement, the Michigan State Track and Field team and hockey coach Adam Nightingale also issued a joint statement, expressing their support for Joshua.

“It’s important that all student-athletes feel comfortable and supported in the locker room and in the program,” Nightingale said. “We are proud to have Jagger Joshua on our team.”

Joshua said the Big Ten and Ohio State’s inaction after the game left him “confused and pessimistic about the diversity movement within hockey culture.

“Racist ignorance doesn’t apply to our game. We feel the need to make people aware that this incident happened, because without awareness the problem is exacerbated.”

(Photo: Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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