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Prayers of Thanksgiving can transform our lives and the world

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In the Bible, the idea of ​​giving thanks is a command, not a suggestion or recommendation. It carries the same weight as loving your neighbor and giving to the poor.

The Bible invites us to give thanks more than 100 times, either by command or by example. So if quantity means gravity, God takes gratitude very seriously. Here’s why:

When we read the book of Genesis in the Bible, we see that ungratefulness is the original sin. Adam and Eve had a myriad of reasons to be grateful: waterfalls, birds, coastlines, and sunsets. God found Eden so pleasant that he himself took a walk in Eden during the cool hours of the day.

First Thanksgiving at Plymouth in 1621, 1914 painting. Private collection. Artist Brownscomb, Jenny Augusta (1850-1936).
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Adam and Eve found paradise to be so safe that they wore no clothes. They had nothing to hide, and they could not hide from anyone. They lived in a perfect world. They were one with creation, one with God, and one with each other. It was great. If you press your ear against the first page of Genesis, you’ll hear Eden’s voice all at once, but then a snake will appear.

Meet the American who gave thanks to his country: Pilgrim Edward Winslow

Satan crept into the garden. He asked a question about the forbidden tree. Adam and Eve could eat from all other fruits, but Satan focused on a single fruit they could not touch. stood. As it was, Eden just wasn’t enough.

The garden was indeed paradise. Ecological harmony, relationship purity, spiritual peace. God said to them, “I have given you all the plants with seed in the whole earth and all the fruit trees for you.” They had their own produce section! He gave them everything they needed. “But there may be more,” the devil suggested. “You deserve more,” he said, pointing to the delicacy beyond the line.

This day in history, October. On March 3, 1863, Lincoln issued a powerful proclamation of gratitude

Thinking so, Eve felt the first dissatisfaction. Instead of thinking about the fruit garden she had, she examined the God-forbidden fruits. Discontent moved like bullies on the block.

What if gratitude won the day? Adam and Eve scoffed at the snake’s suggestion and said, “Are you kidding? Do you hold a grudge against what we can’t eat? Have you seen this place? Strawberry fields, melon fields, orange fields, blueberry fields. Bush, let me take you on a tour, this little snake, let me show you what God has given us.”

Would the world be different if they had chosen gratitude? Will the world change if we choose gratitude?

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Let us pray today, day after day, with gratitude, says Max Lucado.

Let us pray today, day after day, with gratitude, says Max Lucado.

The New Testament of 1 Thessalonians says, “Give thanks in all things.” I might pause at the overarching phrase “in everything.” Should we be thankful when we are in trouble, in the hospital, in repairs, messed up, in pain?

The Bible says, “On the night when he was betrayed, the Lord Jesus took a loaf of bread, gave thanks, and broke it.” How often do you see the words “betrayed” and “thank you” in the same sentence? Take a cue from Jesus, give thanks, and see what happens.


My friends, with prayers of gratitude and gratitude, we can overcome difficulties. Reflecting on our blessings this Thanksgiving season is a rehearsal of God’s accomplishments, a discovery of His heart, and a reminder that He has provided us with everything we need. He gives us good gifts because he is a good giver. Gratitude always leads us to focus on God rather than our fears. The Apostle Paul said, “Thank God the Father for everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Today, let us fill our prayers with gratitude day by day, moment by moment, and watch our perspectives and the world change.


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