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YouTuber cracks Disneyland mystery code unsolved for years

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The creators of YouTube have solved the puzzle, but are the mysteries still there?

The creators of YouTube have solved the puzzle, but are the mysteries still there?

Screengrab from the Provost Park Pass YouTube video

A YouTube creator, with the help of his viewers, has cracked the secret code that has been lurking in Disneyland for over a decade.

Chris Provost runs a YouTube channel. Provost Park PassThe channel focuses on all Disney secrets, tips and hacks — including the Provost discovering a mysterious code on Tom Sawyer’s Island, aka Pirate’s Lair.

His clues first began on a previous visit to the park with a friend from Europe, Provost said in his YouTube video. , asked why paintings of dancing skeletons, each with a different amount of limbs, were etched into the walls.

At the time, Provost thought it was a head count of pirate casualties, but his viewers told him the true meaning was much deeper.

Through his video, Provost revealed Disney’s love for the iconic fictional character, Sherlock Holmes. It can also be seen at attractions like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, where Holmes’ silhouette is painted on the windows of the ride’s building.

However, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride isn’t Disney’s only hint at Sherlock Holmes. The skeleton mural on Tom Sawyer’s Island is also associated with detectives, but in a way only those who have read the Sherlock Holmes books will know.

“The pirate mark is like the code for ‘Dancing Men’ first mentioned in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,” one viewer told Provost in an earlier video. urged you to do so.

After deciphering his video code with the help of a Sherlock Holmes book, Provost is led to another low-key, unfinished riddle on Tom Sawyer’s Island that finally convinces him that he’s cracked the code.

“This riddle has been around since 2007,” Provost says in the video. You can find the answer in his video.

But has the case really been solved? Something in Sherlock’s code could indicate something yet to be discovered.

“I searched every nook and cranny of this island, high and low,” Provost said, theorizing that Disneyland may not have completed the riddle while the island was being built.

But who knows—there might be more for special, permanent park-goers to find.

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