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Ys 8 Dev Investigating Game’s Sudden Removal from PS Plus Extra

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update: In a statement shared with push squareNIS America confirmed Ys VIII: Dana’s Lacrimosa was wrongfully removed from PS Plus Extraand the company will now investigate.

“Ys VIII: A PS Plus Extra without DANA’s Lacrimosa is not planned and we are currently investigating the details. We will not be removing any titles from the platform unless we communicate in advance through our channels.”

Original: Ys VIII: Dana’s Lacrimosa removed from PS Plus Extra After the PS5 version of the JRPG released last week. His PS4 edition of the original has been available on Sony’s subscription service since last summer’s revamp, but suddenly disappeared over the weekend. The removal of the game was not notified in advance. There wasn’t even an expiration date attached to his PSN listing for the title.

PS Plus Essential games and titles GTA: Vice City – Definitive Edition We’ve been communicating an expiration date through the listing on the service’s PS5 hub page, but Ys VIII had no expiration date. It still carries a £34.99/$39.99 price tag when it’s live. Free upgrade from PS4 to PS5 Available.

The move sets a worrying precedent for PS Plus. His other PS5 and PS4 titles could be gone overnight if games can be deleted at will without an expiration date.when will it be the same Ys IX: Monstrum Nox Next year we will receive the PS5 version, which is still part of the PS Plus Extra? We have already contacted NIS America for more information.

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